Engaged Graduate Student Grants

NOTE: The Einhorn Center no longer offers Engaged Graduate Student Grants. We are preparing new opportunities for graduate students. For the latest information, subscribe to our biweekly Student Update or email einhorncenter@cornell.edu.


To enable Ph.D. students to initiate or build research or scholarship that is community-engaged, or to develop strategies for incorporating community-engaged learning into existing research and scholarship.

Engaged Graduate Student Grants support:

Research and scholarship with direct relevance to the doctoral dissertation

Additional training or supportive learning experiences that are relevant to community-engaged research or scholarship

Engaged Graduate Student Grants are not intended to support:

Course development

Undergraduate research

Supplement that exceeds basic nine-month graduate stipend

New research initiatives for faculty members

Research that is not central to the dissertation

Funding and Benefits

Awards will be up to $15,000.

Grant awards have a one-year duration and are not renewable. Funds will be transferred to a dedicated account assigned to the special committee chair.

Grant awards are intended to provide additional resources to advance dissertation-related research and scholarship, or may be used to support additional training or supportive learning experiences that are relevant to community-engaged research or scholarship. Awards are not intended to replace graduate students’ primary funding.

Students, special committee chairs and community partners will be invited to participate in events hosted by the Einhorn Center throughout the year. Student grantees will have access to cutting-edge scholarship on community-engaged learning, and can share their work in seminars and networking opportunities.

Expectations and Deliverables

  1. Students will seek and secure opportunities to publish and present findings at conferences.
  2. A final report on this template will be due within two months of the termination of the grant. Feedback from community partners will be sought as part of this reporting process.
  3. Grantees will provide documentation and evaluation of the partnership, including community partner voice and feedback. Grantees may use a Partnership Assessment Tool of their own devising or one of those provided by the Einhorn Center.


Allowable Expenses*

Potential uses of grant funds include:

  • partial or summer stipend and tuition for the graduate student;
  • student insurance;
  • support for the student’s project;
  • support for presentation or publication of findings; and/or
  • to support participation of the community partner(s).
Unallowable Expenses
  • overhead or indirect costs (IDC);
  • salary for faculty;
  • external consultant fees;
  • post-graduation travel costs for students;
  • speaker or speaker series travel, fees, honoraria;
  • capital projects;
  • equipment (refer to Appendix B in the University’s Capital Assets policy);
  • supplement that exceeds basic nine-month graduate stipend.
No-cost Extensions

Grant holders will have the opportunity to apply for a one-year no-cost extension with justification.

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